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Sports Generation provides swimming lessons for babies from the age of 3 months. Many swim schools and swim organisations take babies swimming from the age of 4 weeks, and have no criteria around babies having their triple injections. Once babies have had their triple injections, we offer swimming lessons from a number of locations across London. Baby swimming lessons promote water confidence for the baby, and equip parents with skills to keep their baby safe around water.

For breastfed babies it is usually fine to give a small feed up to half an hour before a session. We do not recommend a full bottle feed or solids in the hour before a session. Please note that your baby may need an extra feed AFTER a lesson as they will have burnt up lots of energy during the swimming session.

  • Swim nappy – all children under the age of 3 are required to wear the double nappy system. This consists of an aqua nappy and a happy nappy over the top. These are available at most supermarkets and shops such as Madame JoJo Bebe. Nappies must be removed from the site or disposed of  – wrapped up – in a specific nappy bin if there is one at the site.
  • Wetsuit – some children who feel the cold will feel more comfortable in a neoprene wetsuit. For babies we would recommend the vest/Babygro style suits with velcro fastening over the shoulders and between the legs.
  • swim suit
  • towel
  • moisturiser – some babies/toddlers will have dry skin and will benefit from having moisturiser applied after the lesson

We have all the necessary equipment/aids/toys to run the lesson!

Yes, but please advise the office first as the class may be too busy if 2 adults attend for each child!

Each baby/child must be accompanied by an adult who enters the water with the child. Many mums come with another relative or nanny to help them.

Yes; just make sure you let the swim instructor know as they are there to support and help you.

Yes. We will do our best to offer you a make up lesson at another site but this must be arranged through our office.

Younger babies will get tired and hungry if not fed regularly; however, it is advisable to feed them at least one hour before the lesson.


All children learn differently. The answer to this question will depend purely on the child and the group in which buy strattera in canada they are placed.

It is possible that your child may benefit more from a one-to-one lesson, as there are less distractions and more focus on your child. However, in group lessons, children benefit from socially interacting with other children and having fun, in addition to learning new skills.

The teacher will assess the swimming abilities of all the children in a particular class and will offer feedback to the parents. Feedback will be based on each child’s individual needs together with any Health & Safety implications. Children at this age will be capped to a maximum of 4 children per class to allow for maximum progress and attention.

Where the group is small and the children are young, it may be suitable for the teacher to be in the water. If we feel it is important and needed, the teacher will be in the water with the children. Once a child is competent and safe, it is important the child learns to swim naturally without the teacher physically intervening.

If your child has been suffering from any illness, please do not bring them to the lesson. Contact the office to arrange a make up lesson at one of our sites. This is very important if the child has had diarrhoea or has been vomiting.

Please refer to our swimming class descriptions on our SG Swim Programme page. You can then determine the ability of yourself or your child. Also you can email us at info@sportsgeneration.co.uk to arrange a free assessment lesson.

At Sports Generation we run toddler swimming classes seven days a week. It is critical for babies and toddlers to start swimming lessons as soon as possible. Our lessons build confidence but at the same time inform a child of their limitations which in turn promotes safety. We develop children in a way that enables the child to interpret and understand the skills that we are teaching.

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